Podcast 14: CONSPIRACY OF SILENCE: The Franklin Child Trafficking Cover-Up


In 1994 a documentary about the infamous Franklin Cover-up produced by Yorkshire Television was scheduled to air on the Discovery Channel, but was pulled at the last minute for unspecified reasons.


Well, for starters, how about the fact that it told the story of a nationwide pedophile ring of child traffickers pandering the young and poor to the rich and powerful.

franklin-coverup-decampBased on the work of John DeCamp, Vietnam veteran, lawyer, and former Republican member of the Nebraska Legislature, who’s book, The Franklin Cover-up: Child Abuse, Satanism, and Murder in Nebraska, chronicles the sordid tale of a pedophile network who’s tentacles shockingly reached to the highest levels of the U.S. Government.

Following DeCamp’s investigation, Conspiracy of Silence focuses on a Lawrence King Jr., a rising figure in the Republican Party and general manager of the Franklin Federal Credit Union, who’s connections to Washington’s political elite started raising eyebrows after local rumors and tales of child sex abuse and pandering erupted into a nationwide scandal after the credit union’s collapse.

The film features interviews and testimony from some of King’s victims, most notably: Paul Bonacci, Alisha Owen , and Troy Boner, as well as the Franklin Committee’s attempt to investigate said allegations, revealing a high-level cover-up with truly terrifying implications for the entire country.

Fortunately someone saved an unfinished copy and sent it anonymously to DeCamp, and we can now all see what we obviously weren’t supposed to see.


The first thing that comes to mind is the image of the Three Mystic Apes: “See No Evil, Hear No Evil, Speak No Evil”.  This seems to be the modus operandi of not only the authorities in charge of investigating these crimes, but also the attitude of most people when confronted with such depravity and evil.

In other words, most people really just can’t handle the truth.   Especially when it threatens the very foundation of our identity as a nation.  It also seems that those whose job it is to protect us think that some crimes are just too great to prosecute.  For to do so would destroy the people’s trust and, very possibly, bring down the entire government.  And that can’t happen, no matter what the cost to the unfortunate victims.

Conspiracy of Silence is a very important film.  In fact, it just might be one of the most important stories ever told, as it mercilessly pierces the veil of illusion about how the real world works.  This is not an isolated incident, as the Dutroux affair in Belgium, the Sandusky case at Penn State, the Jimmy Savile scandal in England, and the many recent Hollywood and Washington allegations have shown us.

There’s a dark underworld of depravity in some elite circles of the world, which is reminiscent of the Roman Empire before it fell.  Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely is the only apt way to describe it.

Well, we think enough people CAN handle the truth.  Only by shining a light in the darkness can enough pressure be put on the authorities to finally do something about it.  And there are good people in positions of authority.  They just need to know you won’t be silent.

You can start raising your voice by watching the banned documentary here:

The title of the documentary spoke its fate. “Conspiracy of Silence” was scheduled to air on May 3, 1994, but the documentary was pulled by the Discovery channel, and it never aired on TV.

franklin-scandalSee also The Franklin Scandal by Nick Bryant, a powerful and disturbing investigation that delves deeper into the whole sordid affair and reveals some shocking and uncomfortable truths.





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