Podcast 42: Aliens in Antarctica, The Hum, Project Blue Beam, Ministry of Truth

That awkward moment when you realize everything is connected…

Adam prepared for this episode by looking into the strange sphere-like object that appeared in front of the sun in NASA images this week. He looked into Secretary of State John Kerry’s recent visit to Antarctica (to meet with extraterrestrials under an alien-built pyramid, natch). He investigated cases of strange low-frequency hums that have been driving UK citizens mad since the 1970s.

As it turns out, all these things may have been signs of the realization of Project Blue Beam. What is Project Blue Beam? Only an alleged massive, multinational effort to stage the Second Coming and bring on the New World Order.

Also, John goes down the fake news rabbit hole and discovers a possible link between the purported accidental CNN broadcast of porn in Boston, and a currently developing scandal involving high-level Washington insiders.  Just a strange coincidence?  A bit of synchronicity?  Or are the trickster gods just having a laugh?  I guess we’ll have to wait to find out.

With all the talk of fake news lately, are we seeing the beginning of an Orwellian Ministry of Truth? Is this what “they” had in mind all along? Could such an institution even work?  How do we defend ourselves against propaganda and misinformation – from all sides? Who can we trust?

Life is strange. Even stranger if you’re paranoid. Or just paying attention.

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