Podcast 62: Real Pokemon Attack, Bigfoot Chases Deer, Adam’s Secret Service Adventure, Populism is the New Punk

In this episode, Adam relays a couple of harrowing tales that prompted him to contact authorities… not once, but twice!  Was he just the victim of a couple of pranks, a strange coincidence, or were they part of a deliberate campaign from mysterious sources trying to send a message?  You decide.

We also talk about how populism is the new punk, and that Brexit and the election of King Rancid Sack of Rotting Orange Pig Vomit may be the sign that a new counterculture is rising in the West.

A bigfoot chases a deer into a woman’s car, and another woman is attacked in the night by a Pokemon!  Looks like women are under attack from the supernatural, not just the patriarchy. 😉

Plus, another enlightening episode of… What’s the Word on the Street, Johnny?

That and much, much more…

So join us, and feel free to comment below.  Here are the rest of the links:

Johnny Rotten Supports Brexit and Trump

Russiagate: Hillary Clinton and John Podesta’s Troubling Ties to Russia

Fact Checking Donald Trump’s Tweets About Hillary and Russia

From Russia, with Panic

The Russian Mystic Who Wants to Bring Back the Dark Ages

Noam Chomsky Jumps on the Conspiracy Train

Alex Jones Pizzagate Apology

Creepy Google

Google Reassures Users

Ok, Google.  Do You Know What the CIA Is?

Apes Evolving?

Trump Gargoyle

Object Sprayed with the World’s Blackest Material

Trump Derangement Syndrome

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