Podcast 65: Love & Robots, Serial Killer Photobombs THE EXORCIST, Lizard People of LA, Crowley Speaks

Breaking news: Manhunt for the Vault7 leaker!

DON’T PANIC!  WWIII is still on, just in case you were worried.

Did you know there’s an actual, real serial killer in THE EXORCIST? William Friedkin’s horror classic continues to surprise, four decades later.

Hear the only known recording of the Great Beast himself, Aleister Crowley.  Does this sound like the voice of a “great beast” to you?  And learn all about the literary – and literal – feud between Crowley and poet William Butler Yeats.

Enter the Hollow Earth in Romania, come out in LA. Tell the Lizard People we say hi.

The Great Miracle happened last week! What the hell was it?

Can a human truly love a robot? Can a robot love a human?  Join Adam and John as they take a nosedive, albeit superficially, into the controversial topic of all things trans (humanism, gender, and otherwise).

Also, another exciting episode of What’s the Word on the Street, Johnny?

And here are the links:

The CIA Thinks You’re an Intellectual Dropout, Misfit, and Tantrum Throwing Adolescent

CIA Has Interfered in 81 National Elections, Not Including the Coups

Study on Electoral Interventions

U.S. Carrier Still Thousands of Miles from North Korea

Pentagon Addresses All the Confusion

Real Serial Killer in THE EXORCIST

Aleister Crowley Reads Occult Poetry

Occult Battle Between Yeats & Crowley

Secret Tunnels in the Bucegi Mountains

Bucegi Mountain Secrets & Evidence

Secret Romanian Report?

Ancient LIZARD PEOPLE Under L.A.

Robot Love

Are You a Conspiracy Geek?

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