Podcast 66: “Boy Genius” Invents Free Energy Device & Proves Multiverse, May 15 is THE END, UFO Sightings On the Rise, Hi-Tech Juicer Fail

The world ends May 15, 2017. No, really. This is it. For reals. Seriously. Don’t believe us? We’ll see who’s laughing in 19 days (and counting)…

13-year-old boy invents free energy device, proves the existence of a multiverse, discovers our “real” universe was destroyed by Large Hadron Collider at Cern:

Either that or he’s a bright, eager young science nerd unfairly lionized by a scientifically illiterate media:

And speaking of scientific literacy: Heard the one about the $400 juicer? Silicon Valley startup spends millions on a hi-tech juice machine only to discover that human hands can do the job at least as well. More venture capital well spent.

UFO sightings are on the increase! Why? Are we earthlings suddenly more interesting than we were this time last year? Nah, that can’t be it…

Something big happening on May 1st?  Do Gotham Shield and the recent power outages have anything to do with what’s coming down?  Are they preparing us for something?

Is Trump going to attack North Korea?  Will there be a false flag attack on the U.S. preceding this war?

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