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Podcast 69: Seth Rich DNC Leaker?, Stupid Medieval Deaths, CERN Opens Gates of Hell, Tetraploid Giants, Alien Meme Invasion

In this podcast we talk about:

A thousand and one stupid ways to die!  Medieval Edition.  Like, you know, poor William Scrym who falls from a tree attempting to overthrow a nest of magpies.

CERN Opens the Gates of Hell?  Everything bad in the world now seems to get blamed on the Large Hadron Collider. Those damn quantum physicists messing with our reality!  CERN is the new HAARP.

Also, this guy sticks his face into a particle accelerator and maybe discovers the fountain of youth. We sense a new marketing opportunity for the anti-aging crowd.

Tetraploid Giants: You, me, we have two strands of DNA. We’re diploid.  These guys, they have four. Hence, Tetraploid.  So, you know, plus-sized humans with super powers and stuff.  At least that’s the theory of a marijuana advocate who says the Annunaki were actually human giants accidentally created by the crocus plant.  Smoke pot much?

Alien Meme Invasion: What if the real alien threat isn’t invasion? What if it’s… ideas?

Plus Strange Sounds from Space!

In the second half, we get into all the political and conspiratorial bombshells that dropped this week:

Seth Rich: Has the DNC Wikileaks leaker been positively identified?  Question: If his murder was just a “botched robbery” as the authorities say, then why continue to hold on to his laptop?  Hmm?  Ponder that one.

Finding Memo, or James and the Giant Impeach.  Take your pick.

Is there a vast deep-state conspiracy to get rid of Donald Trump? Are we teetering on the edge of violent civil war?

Find out with another exciting and informative episode of, What’s the Word on the Street, Johnny?

Here are the links:

Tetraploid Humans/Giants

Secrets of the Pink Kush

Marijuana Advocate Claims God, Satan, and Annunaki Were Tetraploid Giants

CERN Opens the Gates to the Abyss

Listen to the eerie sounds of the rings of Saturn

Good Mainstream Summation of Trump Leaking Classified Intel to the Russkies

Laptop Threat Known Publicly Since March

Report: Murdered DNC Staffer Seth Rich Shared 44,053 Democrat E-Mails with Wikileaks

Original Fox News Story on Seth Rich

Who is Lying About the Murder of Seth Rich?

Donald Trump Meets Sun-Tzu and is Found Wanting


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