Podcast 72: Roswell Update, Mars Mystery Hole, Hollow Earth Travelogue, Apportation, Snake Plissken Sees the Phoenix Lights!

A Whistleblower named Reality Winner?  Really?  The trickster gods must be messing with us again.

Roswell will never die. Never.  Conspiracy and paranormal investigator Nick Redfern has yet another intriguing contribution to the ever-evolving mythology.

Remember the Phoenix Lights? Well, Ego the Living Planet (aka Snake Plissken, aka Kurt Russell) sure does!

You know that thing when objects spontaneously disappear and then reappear somewhere else? It’s called apportation. And John has a story to tell…

A mysterious hole has been detected on Mars. Therefore, aliens.

And speaking of holes, underground tunnels and bases are popping up everywhere in the fringe news lately.  Are these mysterious tunnel systems evidence of another race of beings?  Entrances to the Hollow Earth?  Do government Deep Underground Military Bases (DUMBS) connect to these tunnels in some way?  If so, what could be their connection? Join us as we list some of the places where you can find these curious caves and underground passageways.

Oh, and did you hear Vladimir Putin mentioned the Men in Black?

And finally, we also reveal the secretive Bilderberg agenda.  Okay, it’s not so secret anymore.

And now for your links:

FBI Arrests NSA Contractor Who Leaked Top Secret “Russian Hacking” Documents 

How to Burn a Source, or Why You Shouldn’t Trust The Intercept

How The Intercept Outed Reality Winner

Kurt Russell Witnessed the Phoenix Lights as a Pilot

Putin Mentions the Men in Black?

Comprehensive List of Secret Tunnels and Underground Bases

This Year’s Bilderberg Meeting Agenda




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