Podcast 73: Resurrecting the Dead, Michael Jackson & David Bowie in Hell, What is Truth?

In this week’s podcast, John and Adam delve into the deep end of the pool to discuss life and death and what, if anything, is this thing we call “truth”.

Did you know there’s a U.S. biotechnology company with plans to resurrect the dead?  Just when you thought science couldn’t get any more fictional, along comes another batch of Dr. Frankensteins who are sincerely attempting to reverse death.  Can this even be done? Should it be done?  What if you were revived but your soul had moved on? What if this proves we have no soul?  What if you came back, but were somehow… different?  These are just some of the questions we ponder as science moves ever closer in its ongoing quest to open Pandora’s Box.

And speaking of life and death, an 18-year-old woman dies and shares her revelations of the afterlife – including a visit to Hell and visions of Michael Jackson and other celebrities writhing in eternal torture. Oh, and did you know David Bowie didn’t die – apparently he was kidnapped by demons and is even now playing a private gig for the Prince of Darkness.

Also, John returns with another episode of What’s the Word on the Street, Johnny? Are we heading toward our own Hypernormalisation, American style?  This leads us into an examination of truth itself.  Is there such a thing as objective truth? Or is it all subjective, with each person defining “their own truth”?  Can an unprovable  hypothesis be considered truth? Does the rejection of ambiguity lead to fundamentalism and authoritarianism?  Or is that just another subjective opinion based on our own definition of the truth?

Ack!  No wonder so many people like the comfort of dialectical simplicity.

As you contemplate these things, here are some links:

Could We Soon Reverse Death?

Immortality & Resurrection, Inc.

Trump May Commit Felony to Cover Up Non-existent Crimes




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