Podcast 75: Child Slaves on Mars, Kubrick and the Illuminati, Exclusive Bigfoot Report, False Flag Alien Invasion, Amelia Earhart in Japan

Stanley Kubrick, arguably the greatest director of all time, made some of the most iconic films of the 20th Century. Themes of elite corruption: pedophilia, mind control, war, government cover-ups, and menacing control by those unseen permeated his films.  Some of these themes were overt, others more subliminal.  Was he, in fact, trying to send us a message?  Was he exposing, in his own unique way, the secret controllers of our society many call The Illuminati?

What was he trying to tell us?

Join us as we explore the ever-fascinating Kubrick and the hidden meanings in his extraordinary films.

And speaking of elite malfeasance, did you know they’re shuttling child slaves up to Mars?  It’s true!  The Mirage Men say so.

They’re also apparently getting ready to stage a Fake Alien Invasion.  Yeah, haven’t heard that one before.  😉  Of course, with all the “fake news” nowadays, who’s gonna believe it anyway.

Adam has a couple of Bigfoot stories, which is weird because he’s not even into Bigfoot.  Or so he says…

And finally, did Amelia Earhart survive her crash only to be imprisoned by the Japanese in the Marshall Islands?

You know, it’s getting to the point where everything we’ve been told growing up may, in fact, be untrue.  What next? Hitler didn’t actually die in the bunker?

Strange days indeed.

And now for the rest of your links:

Nicole Kidman Says Kubrick Told Her Pedophiles Run the World?

NASA Photographs Something ‘Artificial’ on Mars?

Take the Quiz at Political Compass (Most are very surprised by the results)


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