Podcast 80: Time Travel via Data Extraction, 1800s Novel Predicts Trump, Declassified Technology, How America Went Nuts, Kafka & Steiner Talk About Theosophy

In these week’s podcast, we pay tribute to Jim Marrs, who sadly passed away last week. If you’ve been into conspiracy at all, you’ll know his work and the contributions he made to truthseekers worldwide.  RIP

Adam shares his experience with some scary, recently declassified technology.

And speaking of scary technology, did you know we now have the ability to recover sound from lost recordings? What next? Recovering sound (and images) from historical artifacts?  Hey, it could happen.

The Internet finally discovers what we knew back in February.  That a 19th century novelist appears to have eerily predicted President Trump.  Strange synchronicities and coincidences abound. Predictive programming? Time travel? Don’t know, but this video explains it all… and it sure is strange (and funny):

Evidence that America has definitely lost its mind? Probably.

Seymour Hersh confirms Seth Rich did contact Wikileaks. Is this the smoking gun that proves he was the DNC leaker?

And finally, Franz Kafka, Rudolf Steiner, and Helena Blavatsky walk into a bar… I guess you had to be there. 😉

Here’s the rest of your links:

That Time Kafka Met Steiner to Talk Theosophy

New Series in Development About Jack Parsons

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