Podcast 82: Sleep Paralysis & Flying Dreams, Killer Robots, 4Chan Insanity, Octupi are Alien Assholes, Sonogram Jesus, Dodleston Messages

John has a sleep paralysis update, and Adam shares his nocturnal flying experiences. We’ve done a full podcast on Night Terrors before, which you could can find here.

Jesus appears in a sonogram. Hey, wait a minute!  Is that…?

No, it couldn’t be.

A mysterious figure haunts a crop circle. Could it also be Tony Orlando?

Did NASA fake every space flight ever? A Flat Earth Asshole certainly thinks so.  And why is there a human head floating in space? Wait… is that Tony Orlando?!!

Elon Musk is always warning us about something. He’s like a some hi-tech doomsayer. This time it’s killer robots.

But hey, scientists claim to remotely hack brain, so maybe we are doomed.

Octupi… Octopuses… Octopodes…? Anyway, they’re clearly alien. And clearly assholes.

4chan… you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious. Warning: We read some of the 4Chan posts, which are… to put it mildly… offensive. We weep for the future. 

But take heart, all is not lost if you remember that your attention creates your future.

And finally, we briefly discuss one of the most fascinating mysteries of the last century: The Dodleston Messages. Yes, we plan on doing a full podcast on this topic some time in the near future… if we could just find the book.

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