Podcast 85: Killer Sexbots, Conspiracy Grannies, Devil’s Letter Decoded, Haunted Trump, Airship Mystery, Bigfoot Update

Watch out all you criminal conspirators, the “conspiracy grannies” are after you! John talks about a new show he’s watching on Netflix called, The Keepers, wherein a group of former students from a Catholic school in Maryland hunt down the killer(s) of their favorite teacher, a nun named Sister Cathy Cesnik. Now mostly retired, these sleuthing Nanas are smart, organized, and tenacious in their quest to uncover the truth.

Watching this series reminded John of the “Queen of Conspiracy”, Mae Brussell, who dedicated most of her adult life to uncovering the truth behind the JFK assassination, and spawned a whole subculture of conspiracy researchers dubbed, “Brussellsprouts”.  As Paul Krassner put it:

Mae has been our nation’s number-one, self-appointed conspiracy freak since the day Jack Ruby shot Lee Harvey Oswald. She has written hundreds of articles detailing the unpleasant connections between what most people consider diverse chapters in American history—like Oswald and Francis Gary Powers, the Kennedy murders and Watergate. For the past seven years, the house-wife-turned-crusader has shocked and dismayed listeners of her syndicated radio program, Dialogue: Conspiracy (KLRB-FM, Carmel, California), uncovering choice tidbits about everything from Chappaquiddick to Chowchilla. She unabashedly calls herself the country’s best researcher.

And that she probably is.

So, what is it with these housewives, mothers, and grandmothers, and their penchant for solving mysteries? Maybe it has something to do with the mysterious female brain, that most confounding enigma which has puzzled men since time began. Maybe they just have a knack for it. Whatever the reason, they’re coming after you and, like the Terminator, they will not stop!

Following up on this, we talk about a how a “possessed” nun’s 17th century devil letter has finally been translated.

Jim Carrey gets all mystical and existential and everyone loses their minds!  Sometimes you need a joker to speak the truth.

Did you know Donald Trump’s childhood home is haunted? It is. And the ghost lives in the fridge.

And speaking of The Donald, were you aware that there might be a Trump family connection to the Airship Mystery of the late 1800’s? According to legend, a secret group of investors and inventors designed and developed these amazing flying machines well before the Wright Brothers ever got off the ground. It’s an incredible story, which was apparently all chronicled by a mysterious artist named Charles A.A. Dellschau. Is this evidence of some breakaway civilization? And how does Trump fit into all of this?

Also, what’s with all the Trump predictive programming from the late 19th century? Believe us when we say, shit’s gettin’ really weird. We’re eventually going to do a whole podcast on this topic, so stay tuned.

And finally, just as you thought the world couldn’t get any stranger, now your sex robot could be hacked and programmed to kill you. There are worse ways to go.

Did Seth Rogen try to overthrow the North Korean government? Was the CIA involved? Then, yes, he did. 😉

Plus a Bigfoot update! Why is it that Adam always brings these up, when John is the true believer? It’s because he WANTS to believe!

And now for the rest of your links:

Jim Carrey Doesn’t Exist Anymore

NYMZA Aeros – The Airships of the 1850’s

Wikipedia Entry on the Mystery Airships

Young Men Not Working Because Video Games are Too Fucking Cool

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