Podcast 89: Flat Earth Theories, Vegas Conspiracy Revisited, Philip K Dick’s Communist Conspiracy, UFO Disclosure (Again), Hollywood Depravity

Why do people believe in flat earth theories? What’s the attraction? Is it possible there’s actually something to this?

Adam talks a little bit about Blade Runner 2049 – and then reveals an amazing anecdote about Philip K Dick, Stanislaw Lem, and a possible communist conspiracy. Could Lem have been a synthetic human?

John just can’t let this Vegas thing go. He spent the past week in the rabbit hole and simply must share his latest findings. Lots of updates on the changing “official story”, new conspiracy theories, etc. Admittedly, there are a lot of unanswered questions, but still nothing definitive to say this was a false flag event. Regardless, this is a great opportunity to dissect and analyze a conspiracy-in-the-making in real-time. Now who would pass that up?

Yes, we also talk about the fall of Harvey Weinstein, and what this means for the entertainment capital of the world. Adam and John share their own experiences in the Hollywood cesspool.

And something about disclosure. Again. Sure, it’ll happen this time. 😉

Here are the rest of your links: (Have fun digging down the rabbit hole)

Bellagio Testimony from Rene Downs

Jason Aldean’s Tattoo Matches Illuminati Game Card! (Ahem)

16 Mostly Answered Questions Surrounding the Las Vegas Shooting

New ISIS Infographic on Las Vegas Shooting

Vegas Police Reveal 3 Major Facts

Former Trump Campaign Official Says Paddock Made ISIS Tape?

Sheriff: Gunman May Have Had Help

Gun Shop Owner Recalls Visit by Vegas Shooter

Update on Brian Hodge’s Story

Break-in at Paddock’s Reno Home

Official Story Changes Again!

Paddock Still Alive in Atlantic City? (Close, but no cigar!)

Interesting Facebook Post

And Finally, Insider Trading Anomalies

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