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Podcast 95: Area 51 Caller Identified, Bitcoin!, Hijacked Broadcasts, Olive Oil Conspiracy, Is Trump the New Dylan?

Remember the Area 51 caller on Art Bell in 1997? Whatever happened to that guy? The answer may surprise you.

Cryptocurrency craziness! Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum all reached a new high the other day, then suddenly came crashing back down, spreading FUD in the community. At least for the n00bs. 😉

Is Bitcoin a bubble, a Ponzi scheme, another example of Tulip mania? Or is it the way of the future for digital currencies, a true breakaway from the fiat system controlled by banksters? Those in the know say HODL.

Infamous hijacked broadcasts have provided much fodder for the conspiracy world over the years. Who… or what… was behind them? Pranksters? Aliens? Some are just as mysterious today as when they first aired.

What’s in your olive oil?

And finally, a new counter-culture has discovered the old counter-culture was just as anti-establishment when it came to the mainstream “fake news”. Could this mean Trump is the new Dylan? As bizarro as this might seem, it’s not too far off the mark, minus the cool music of course.

Bob Dylan tells TIME magazine that they’re bullshit, right to their face. Says the same about Newsweek. Fake News circa 1964.

The trickster gods certainly are having fun with us… that’s for sure.

And now for your links:

What Bitcoin Isn’t

Crypto Carnage Continues as Fed Warns

White House Says It’s Monitoring Bitcoin Situation

Time Traveler from 2025 Said Bitcoin Would Reach 10,000 in 2017, in 2013!

Court Orders Coinbase to Hand Over Thousands of Names to the IRS

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