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Podcast 96: Crypto: Currency, Craziness, & Kitties!, Deep State Economy, Doomsday Chatter, More Q

In this week’s episode, Adam and John talk all things crypto: the currency, the craziness, and yes, the kitties!

Adam takes the Bitcoin plunge! Finally! And immediately wonders if maybe there’s a secret world of hidden finance beyond the Blockchain.

John plunges into the Internet of Things, and the currency (IOTA) behind it. Here’s a brief intro for all you N00bs:

So, what the hell are CryptoKitties, you ask? They’re collectible, breedable, adorable… and they’re gumming up the Ethereum network.

Lots of doomsday chatter about military alerts and martial law. You know, like these:

So, who are some of these characters pushing all this fear porn? Do they have an inside track on what’s really going on? Are they sincere? Disinfo agents? Crackpots? Or, are they just capitalizing on what’s already out there for clicks?

You know, like us. 😉

And speaking of capitalizing on the chatter for clicks, John provides an update and summary of the QAnon phenom. Yes, it’s still going strong, sending people down a number of rabbit holes in a quest to find the truth.

Information has now been weaponized.

Here are your links:

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Trump White House Weighing Plans for Private Spies to Counter ‘Deep State’ Enemies

Inspector General to Investigate Pre-Election Actions by DOJ and FBI

DOJ Office of Inspector General Announces Initiation of Review

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