Podcast 101: Tribulation 99, QAnon & the Power of Myth, Andy Kaufman Reincarnated, Bots, Bitcoin, and Bigfoot

In this weeks episode John and Adam get all random again with a hodgepodge of topics.

We begin talking about filmmaker Craig Baldwin’s avant-garde cinema, specifically Tribulation 99 and Mock-Up on Mu. Using archival footage from the early pulp serials, clips from industrial films, and other found footage, Baldwin creates a collage of paranoia and conspiracy that’s been dubbed as, “an X-Ray of a rabid slacker’s seething brain.”

Unfortunately, no decent copies exist for free on the Inter-tubes, so I guess we’ll just have to purchase the films ourselves for a full analysis. Sheesh, we’re so spoiled these days.

Next up… has Andy Kaufman reincarnated as a hilarious and brilliant 16 year-old girl?

Botnik! Fun with AI for the whole family! The absurd, genius, and strange things made with augmented content creation.

And speaking of bots, were those darn Russkies behind that whole #ReleaseTheMemo meme? Nah, but hey, let’s not let that get in the way of a good blaming others for our own failures meme!

I saw a Bigfoot… lawsuit!

A quick crypto update, and finally…

QAnon & the Power of Myth. John gives his mile-high sociological analysis on what might be going on with all the chaos, confusion and, yes, certainty behind the whole Q phenomenon. Both doubters and Qool-Aid drinkers should take note, as there just might be something much bigger going on than meets the All-Seeing Eye. 😉

And now for the rest of your links:

Q and Spiritual Warfare

QAnon: Deep State Wizard of… ?

Pope Says ‘Fake News’ is Satanic (But which Fake News?)

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