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Podcast 105: Parkland School Shooting Conspiracies, Russia Russia Russia, Black Panther

In this week’s episode, John and Adam tackle the Parkland School Shooting conspiracies, the disinformation, and outright bullshit surrounding this tragic event.

Shouts of “False Flag” and “Crisis Actors” are all too common these days and, far more often than not, without merit. We’ll dissect these claims and, hopefully, contribute a little critical thinking to the conversation.

Hey, and we learned a new term: Gish Gallop.

In the second half, John breaks down the recent Mueller indictments of the 13 so-called “Russian Trolls”, who apparently had so much influence they were able to swing an entire election. This whole thing is starting to turn into a bad Hollywood comedy.

Hey, and we learned another new term: Whataboutism.

BTW, Jimmy Dore sums up the whole Russia thing best here. Watch:

And finally, Adam provides a brief explanation for all the recent Black Panther hype. Hint: Marketing.

Here are your research links for the podcast:


David Hogg Rehearsing His Lines with CNN? (includes video of outtakes)

Another Link to David Hogg/CNN Outtakes

David Hogg Interviewing Students (9:32 Video)

David Hogg and Students (2:52 Video)

David Hogg Addressing Accusations on CNN

Colton Haab on CNN’s Scripted Questions

CNN’s Response

Colton Haab on Tucker Carlson

Twitter Thread on David Hogg Video Timeline Discrepancies

Reddit Thread on David Hogg ‘Closet Interviews’

School Cop Resigns After Stoneman Douglas Shooting

Armed Cop Present During Shooting Did Nothing

Open Letter to Skeptics of Parkland Shooting Conspiracies


New York Times Magazine Article on the Russian Internet Research Agency 2015

Russian ‘Troll Farm’ Indictment Shredded by Journalist Who First Covered It in 2015

Lee Camp explains the “fucking joke” Mueller indictments here:

Here’s the Actual 37 Page Indictment (read for yourself)

Mueller Files Joke Indictment Against Russian Trolls

Russia Troll Factory Had 1.25 Million Monthly Budget

Hillary Outspent Russians 53 – 1… and Still Lost

Facebook VP: Majority of Russian Ad Spending Happened AFTER the Election

Russians Tried to Help Bernie Sanders and Jill Stein

Russian Troll Accounts on Reddit

Russian Troll Spreadsheet

Confessions of a Russiagate Skeptic

Gentleperson’s Guide to Forum Spies, Shills, and COINTELPRO Operations

David Brock’s Confidential Memo on Fighting Trump (Astroturfing)

How Social Media Sites Are Being Manipulated by Astroturf Campaigns

Corbett Report: What Everyone’s Missing About Russiagate

Stanford Study: Minimal Persuasive Effects of Campaign Contact in General Elections

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