Podcast 106: FAA UFO Mystery, Bigfoot Lawsuit, AI Mind Reader, Time Travelers, Cat with an AR-15

In this week’s episode we review a fascinating UFO incident that occurred in October of last year. What makes this case so interesting, is that researchers were able to obtain the audio recording of the air traffic controllers, pilots, and the FAA while it was happening in real-time. Fighter jets were scrambled, but still there are no definitive answers yet on what the object was, its final destination, or intention.

What the hell was it? (Click the link above to listen to the audio recordings and see the flight radar data.)

Another Bigfoot lawsuit filed in California. The witness swears she saw a neanderthal-like 800 pound creature in a tree, and she’s willing to go to court to prove it.

Those Japanese scientists are up to their old tricks again. This time developing AI that can read your thoughts. Frightening if true.

More time travelers. Most are obvious LARPs, but there’s one who just might be the real deal. Believe it, or not!

Oh, and apparently there was a cat in a tree holding what witnesses were sure was an AR-15. Due to all the mass shootings, it appears our feline friends aren’t the only “scaredy-cats” these days.

And now for the rest of your links:

SLIders: People Who Can Turn of Streetlights Just By Walking Underneath



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