Podcast 108: Pope Says No Hell!, Flat Earth Evel Knievel, QAnon Psyop Exposed?

April Fools and Happy Easter! EDITORS NOTE: We recorded this on April 1st, but didn’t get it out until today.

Back from a much needed Spring Break, John and Adam return to the weird, wacky, and wondrous world of conspiracy and the paranormal to learn that THERE IS NO HELL… and apparently Jesus died for nothing. 😉

That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for Flat-Earthers. Mad Mike Hughes’ hilarious and dangerously idiotic attempt to prove that… he’s Evel Knievel? Super Dave Osborne?

Adam experiences a little post current events synchromysticism.

Sci-fi writer accurately predicts the iPhone.

In the second half, John addresses the recent QAnon controversy brewing on the Inter-tubes. Has the Q psyop been exposed? Are the geniuses behind Cicada 3301 puzzles involved somehow?

We’ll just let the Gracie Allen and George Burns of conspiracy (Betsy & Thomas of Aim4Truth) explain it for you:

They should really take their act on the road.

And finally, we tie all of this together by preaching the importance of media literacy, a mantra of ours, particularly as it pertains to the new conspiracy world order.

And now for the rest of your links:

Pope Francis Denies Existence of Hell, Vatican Panics

Betsy and Thomas Follow-up on QAnon Psyop

April is Senior Executive Services Month

Meet the Man Who Solved the Mysterious Cicada 3301 Puzzle

Field Guide to Fake News and Other Information Disorders

Why Bullshit is No Laughing Matter

Say Goodbye to the Information Age

Tracking the Chinese Satellite Falling to Earth

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