Podcast 114: Paranormal Pennsylvania, Kecksburg UFO Crash, Nazi Flying Saucer Toys

There’s an area in PA called Chestnut Ridge that’s been infested with paranormal activity for the last hundred years or so. Bigfoot, UFOs, Dogmen, and prehistoric flying creatures known as Thunderbirds have all made an appearance. We take a look at some of these stories and wonder if there are some areas more prone to supernatural occurrences than others.

Most notable of these stories is The Kecksburg UFO Incident that occurred on Dec. 9th, 1965. Something fell from the sky in the small farming community of Kecksburg, PA, but what was it? A meteor, a downed Russian satellite? Or was it something more down-to-earth, yet even more fascinating? Can you say top-secret Nazi technology? We knew you could.

Joseph Farrell on The Nazi International and their technology before, during, and after the war. Must Watch.

And speaking of Nazis, toy company Revell recently pulled their Haunebu II flying saucer model kits from store shelves in Germany for “teaching kids that the Nazis achieved space travel.”

Umm… okay? Maybe they should ask NASA to chime in on this one, since many of their top scientists during the space race were… wait for it… Nazis. Should we now ban all model rocket kits too?  Maybe they should just put a warning label on it:

WARNING: Use of this toy model kit may cause your child to grow up with a desire to invade Poland.

Could anything be more ridiculous?

And now for the rest of your links:

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Stan Gordon’s UFO Anomalies Zone

Do Aliens Exist?

Mysterious ‘Oumuamua’ Space Object Finally Identified?

Die Glocke: The Kecksburg Incident and Nazi UFO Technology?

The SS Brotherhood of the Bell by Joseph P. Farrell

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