Podcast 124: Haunted Broadway, Great Purge of 2018, Assange’s Cat, Alien Space Probe, Artificial Moon

Before we begin: Hey Nevada, what’s up with voting for a dead pimp’s corpse? And he won! Of all the crazy election stories, this was our favorite.

And speaking of the dead, in this week’s episode, Adam shares the tragic story of silent film star Olive Thomas, whose ghost haunts the landmark New Amsterdam Theater in New York City.

John finally talks about the Great Purge of 2018. If you’re not mad, you should be. This is dangerous stuff.

Centralized social media giants (these “Walled Gardens”, these “Internet Ghettos”) are now a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER to free thought and expression. Case in point:

Carey Wedler (who’s video about Kavanaugh we played in our last episode) from Anti-Media (with 2 Million Followers) was purged. Let’s listen to her:

Now, does she seem unreasonable, radical, or dangerous to you?

So, who’s really behind this purge? Well, there are a lot of suspects, and the most significant ones you’ve probably never heard of, but should.

The first being, PropOrNot. This shadowy and secret Star Chamber emerged during the 2016 election to heavily push the Russian Propaganda and Collusion narrative as an excuse for Hillary’s loss.

Who are they?

Well, we’re pretty confident they’re the same cast of characters behind Hamilton 68 and the Alliance for Securing Democracy, as well as elements within The Atlantic Council. Of course, there’s a lot of crossover and intermingling with groups like David Brock’s Media Matters/Democracy Matters/CTR. The common denominator is that ALL OF THEM are pushing this Russophobia, and calling for the censorship of alternative and independent voices who they deem to be part of this grand conspiracy.

The most dangerous aspect to all of this is the alignment with the U.S. Military’s apparent vision for state-sponsored censorship. In short, they think the free and open Internet and the sharing of information and ideas is a threat to national sovereignty. And, by the way, this push will affect both the left and right, so don’t make the mistake of thinking this is a partisan issue. It’ll bring the boot down on ANYONE who dares to step outside the established and approved Groupthink, regardless of who’s in power.

But lest you think all is lost, there are some positive developments on the horizon. The rise of decentralized platforms is an optimistic sign of things to come and, if successful, will mitigate and, hopefully, counteract any of these attempts at institutionalized censorship.

And to the rescue is none other than Sir Tim Berners-Lee, the real “godfather” of the World Wide Web, with his ambitious decentralized platform Inrupt. His call for a, “Magna Carta for the Web” which, along with the online push for an Internet Bill of Rights, are warning shots to ALL authoritarians that any attempts to suppress free thought and expression will not be accepted – that free speech, no matter how uncomfortable or unpopular it may be for some, shall not be infringed.

Welcome to the Next Revolution.

Hey, some dutch guy (who refers to himself as a “young god” because… of course) identifies as twenty years younger – and wants to legally change his age. We wish him good luck and success, if nothing else than to expose the folly of accepting, “feelings over facts” when applying the law.

Of all the things Julian Assange has to deal with, being forced to clean his cat’s litter box should be the least of his worries. But… apparently not.

That giant flying rock ‘Oumuamua might be an extraterrestrial probe. Or not. Or maybe it is. Or not. Guess it depends on whether or not a site needs clicks.

Oh, and apparently China wants to launch an artificial moon into low-earth orbit. Yeah, sounds like a great idea.

And now for the rest of your links:

The Poisonous Politics of David Brock

Opinion: Where Does The Latest Social Media Purge Leave The State Of Social Discourse?

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