Episode 126: The Tin Foil Hat Conspiracy, Russian Infowars, and Putin’s Rasputin

In the first half, Adam decides to look into the origin of the “tin-foil hat”, and accidentally, very possibly, maybe, stumbles onto a real conspiracy.

John provides an update on current events and, most specifically, the recent Guardian article claiming that Paul Manafort met with Julian Assange in the Ecuadorian Embassy not once, not twice, but three times. Sources say!

Here are just few epic take downs of this so-called piece of journalism:

If Manafort Did Visit Assange, There Should Be Ample Video and Other Evidence Showing This

Assange Never Met Manafort. Luke Harding and The Guardian Publish Still More MI6 Lies

The Guardian’s Desperate Attempt to Connect Assange to Russiagate Backfires

Now Politico has jumped into the fray (by allowing an ex-CIA officer writing under a pen name), to defend The Guardian by claiming that somehow, someway, somewhere, the Assange-Manafort Meeting Story was planted by… you guessed it, THE RUSSIANS. And poor Luke Harding, the article’s main author, fell for it.

You can’t make this shit up. Or, I guess you can.

And they wonder why the term #FakeNews resonates.

Speaking of fake news, we next take a deep dive into how Russia, despite all the collusion nonsense, is very likely waging an information war against to the United States to weaken us from within.

Confused? You should be, as chaos is the name of the game in a propaganda war. So, let me briefly try to explain what I think is going on here.

Firstly, just because the “Russia Collusion” story of Trump working directly with Putin to defeat Hillary is a hoax (as well as a misdirection of the real election interference committed by the democrats – see our Russiagate Solved episode for more info on that), this does not leave Russia off the hook.

Not by a long shot.

In fact, I’ve said from the beginning, that although I don’t believe in the Russia “hacked the election” fairy tale, I do believe they’re mucking around in our affairs. Most specifically, I think they’re stoking and provoking the divisions that already exist in America, and making them worse. I can’t prove this, as it’s based on anecdotal evidence mostly, and my own admittedly amateur analysis of what’s going on, but I think their goal with this is to weaken the United States from within by stirring the cultural and political pot, so to speak… in short, they’re engaging in an information war against us, and using our own freedom of the press to do so. In other words, they’re using our progressive and enlightened values to sow a little chaos and make us less progressive and enlightened.

How ironic.

Why would they be doing this, you ask?

Well, in short, to help roll back what they perceive as American hegemony and our imperialistic agenda – to stamp out or severely diminish western global domination. And they wouldn’t be wrong in accusing us of doing this or having that as a stated goal. Since the end of the Cold War, that’s exactly been the aim of the west. And that’s not a conspiracy, that’s a documented fact: just read the history of the last 30 years, the think tank papers, the books written by policy makers and political thought leaders. Brezinski’s The Grand Chessboard comes to mind, as does the PNAC document Rebuilding America’s Defenses, among a multitude of others. It’s all out there in the open, for those with eyes to see.

And this is very likely why the western establishment, the global elites as they’re called, are so freaked out about Trump and any possible ties to Russia, no matter how trivial or tenuous. Because Trump’s election stands in the way of these aforementioned stated goals. It’s a pull back from the globalist agenda of centralized control dominated by a nameless and faceless group of financial elites, to a more “traditional” way of American exceptionalism. Make America Great Again really means make America a republic again, still dominant financially and otherwise, and yes still interconnected to the rest of the world through trade agreements, but culturally and in all other ways, independent from them; both a geopolitical pullback, and a throwback to the more traditional values that supposedly, “made America great”.

And this traditionalism (or nationalism as some call it) vs. globalism is at the heart of this existential battle. And we’re seeing it play out all over the western world. And yes, Russia’s deeply involved in pushing this nationalist movement – both in Europe and the United States. And the fear, of course, is that this nationalist wave portends a potential rise in fascism. Hence, the freak out by many cultural elites.

A quick historical side note, both Italian Fascism and German National Socialism rose in direct opposition to Communism.

All are authoritarian and bad.

A lot of people make the mistake of thinking these ideologies are actually different, and when looking at the devilish details, they’d be right, but when you look at the gestalt or the macro, they lead to the same end result – domination by the few over the many through the use of violence and state power.

And the battle between these totalitarian ideologies rages on in the 21st century.

Now, it should be stated that this fear of a “fascism rising on the right” isn’t without merit. There’s a rational reason why many intellectuals on the cultural left are worried about this. Again, look at history, as it seems to be repeating itself, albeit with a postmodernist twist and a heavy dose of chaos magic.

We’ve stated many times on this podcast how authoritarianism (which is what fascism and communism are) is rising on both the left and right. And since we’ve talked a lot about the authoritarian tendencies of the so-called “left”, today we’re going to focus on the so-called “right”.

And we’re gonna get into some fairly esoteric stuff, where politics meets the occult. Specifically, we’re going to discuss a Russian philosopher and mystic by the name of Aleksandr Dugin, whom some have dubbed, “Putin’s Rasputin”.

Here’s a fascinating interview with Dugin from the BBC where he talks about Russia’s “special kind of truth”, and it gives great insight into his thinking:

One can just imagine how this philosophy might be applied or weaponized by Putin against the west, through our social media, etc.

Here he is speaking about America’s election of Donald Trump, and how his victory spells the end of the unipolar world (i.e. globalism):

So, who exactly is this Aleksandr Dugin? Well, there are no easy answers, however the video below gives a nice summation for the layman, sans the esotericism:

Here is another interview with Dugin that covers a wide range of topics to give us a better understanding of his views on western liberalism, etc:

It all sounds… suspiciously reasonable, which is one reason why its resonating with many Millennials on the right. Dugin’s obviously very knowledgeable about a wide range of topics, and appears to be well-intentioned, however might there be a dangerous philosophy lurking underneath this anti-liberalism?

Certainly, many in the esoteric community seem to think so:

The Mystic Shaping Russia’ Future and Bringing Back the Dark Ages

Dark Star Rising: Fascism and the Occult Meet in Russian Philosopher Alexander Dugin

Okay, so this is all very interesting, but what does it mean?! Well, to quote Buffalo Springfield:

There’s something happening here
What it is ain’t exactly clear 

For me, it means that both Russia and the United States have an agenda, that both are lying to us about something, and that it’s up to us to figure out what’s true and what’s not. Because, despite what the New Age kool-aid drinkers like to say, there is an objective truth beyond our own subjective reality. Yes, we can affect the world around us with our thoughts, and what’s true and what’s not true is often open to interpretation, but it’s not ALL relative, which has become a postmodern scourge.

In fact, if you look at the original New Thought movement, particularly the work of Thomas Troward, he addresses this very thing. The notion that reality is just what we make it leads people to think that there’s no objective reality beyond our own perceptions. That’s the danger of this stuff, and when you marry it with postmodernist relativity, you have a recipe for disaster: A dark age of irrationality where it’s a war of all against all, and there’s no consensus or shared reality. And that, ironically, is Dugin’s post-apocalyptic vision of the future.

This a very deep rabbit hole that we’ll be revisiting again, as there’s much to unpack about this potential existential threat to western democracy.

And now for the rest of your links:

Trump Shares Meme Calling for His Opponents to Face Trial for ‘Treason’

DOJ Says Trump’s Tweets are Official Presidential Statements

Overton Window of Discourse

Wikileaks Suing The Guardian Over Manafort Story

Wikileaks: No Assange-Roger Stone Back Channel

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