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Episode 135: Security Cam Elf, John Quincy Adams and The Hollow Earth, UFOs in the News: Disclosure or Disinfo?

We’re back!

Yes, we took a short break, and John explains why he needed a sabbatical from all this… stuff. Taking a “mental media break” can certainly do wonders.

So, we’re re-energized and excited to return this week, where we cover the magic and mystery always lurking just beneath our reality.


Okay, so what the heck was that thing on Vivian Gomez’s security cam?

Buddy the elf?

Please let it be me!

Dobby from Harry Potter?


A lost cast member from Mac and Me?

Who me?


Unfortunately, it’s none of the above. Our favorite curmudgeons over at The Skeptical Inquirer have very likely figured this one out. Hint: Yes, it’s the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. 😉


Would you believe that our sixth President not only believed in the Hollow Earth, but actually supported an expedition to discover its inhabitants?

Whaddya’ mean the mole people don’t exist?

Strange but true. So next time someone laughs at you for believing in weird things, just know you’re in good company.


UFOs (or is that UAPs) hitting the news in a big way. You know when even The New York Times gets in on the act, something’s going on, as the establishment almost never takes this subject seriously.

Coming disclosure? Or just more disinfo?

Much of this has to do with the newly formed To The Stars Academy, founded by former Blink-182 front man, who’s now leading the charge to try and uncover the technology behind this UAP (Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon).

Oh, and Stop trying to make UAP happen. It’s not going to happen. 

Okay, so along with DeLonge is Luis Elizondo, former head of the Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program (AATIP) under the Defense Intelligence Agency. This program was started by Senator Harry Reid (now retired) at the urging of his friend Robert Bigelow. For those who’ve been following the UFO/Paranormal field for any length of time, Bigelow’s name will be quite familiar.

And therein lies a tale.

What’s the real agenda of DeLonge, Bigelow and company? No one really knows for sure at this point. But whatever it is, they’re definitely pushing the E.T. hypothesis.

Highly suspicious, Sally!

And if the name of the former government program Elizondo headed is any indication, there’s a possible “threat” involved.

E.T.? Threat? Sounds like a bad rewrite of War of the Worlds, if you ask us.

Now if you’ve been a listener to Magical Mystery Radio, you’ll know that we’re skeptical of the idea that UFOs are aliens from space. Not that we don’t believe in the possibility of extra-terrestrial life… it’s just that, after having looked at this subject for so many years, the notion that we’re being visited by beings from another planet is the least plausible explanation…

… and, let’s be honest, the most boring.

Not to mention that we’ve been duped by government sponsored disinformation campaigns before…

So forgive us if we (as Dubya so eloquently put it), “won’t get fooled again!”

Case in point: 1988’s UFO Cover-Up Live! which, you can watch in all it’s goofy glory here:

Some of you will remember this documentary.

Most won’t, thank goodness.

What’s important about it though is that it embedded many (if not most) of the story elements we’ve come to except as UFO gospel today:

  • A craft crashed in Roswell, NM in 1947
  • It was from outer space (specifically Zeta Reticuli)
  • Three to four foot tall EBEs (Extra-terrestrial Biological Entities) were recovered who conveniently look a lot like the alleged Greys of Whitley Strieber fame. And/or those cute little aliens from Close Encounters of the Third Kind. One was apparently a guest of our government.
    He liked strawberry ice cream. Aww… how sweet!
  • An above top secret government/private group, Majestic 12, was formed to deal with the implications and keep this info from the public.

At the time, this was all very exciting and, as we soon discovered, also…

A bunch of bullshit!

We won’t get into the details here (listen to the podcast), but suffice it to say it was definitely deliberate disinfo being fed to the public to distract people from what was really going on with UFOs.

But, hey… cool story, bro!

Now, is the same thing (albeit in a different form) happening again?

We think so, but we’ll let you be the judge of that.

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