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Or… for those of you Monty Python – challenged: Release The Kraken!

In this episode, Adam and John discuss the 2020 election… AND ALL THAT THAT ENTAILS.

Was it rigged, outright stolen, or did Biden miraculously beat Trump in a free and fair election? Many legitimate questions remain unanswered and, unfortunately, may not be answered before inauguration day on January 20th, 2021.

Regardless, I think everyone can agree that 2020 was (and still is as of this writing) a really weird year. Maybe we’ve finally reached a historical endpoint, wherein the future is truly unknown. What Terence McKenna talked about in his Novelty Theory.

So, was the FIX IN, as they say? Below are the videos and links we talked about on the show.

With no pun intended… YOU DECIDE.

World Economic Forum

Is The World Economic Forum’s Great Reset A Blueprint For Tyranny?

The Great Reset And Klaus Schwab

Dan Beattie on Color Revolutions
Dan Beattie on Michelle Malkin Podcast

Revolver News

Election Fraud, Political Corruption, and Its Consequences

Recent Election Fraud Cases From Across The United States

Scott Adams Says…
FEC Chairman Trey Trainor
Col. (Ret.) Phil Waldron testifying in PA on Dominion Voting Machines
Col. (Ret.) Phil Waldron at the AZ Election Integrity Hearing

Greg Kelly Reports On NEWSMAX TV

Jesse Morgan Full Testimony

A Dozen Compelling Allegations Of Voting Irregularities In The 2020 Election

Reasons Why The 2020 Presidential Election Is Deeply Puzzling

5 Historical Trends That Show It’s Utterly Shocking If Trump Lost In 2020

Nine Useful Articles And Data Points Showcasing 2020’s Election Theft

Dr. Robert Epstein on big tech election interference

Robert Epstein: Google Shifted A Minimum of 6 Million Votes In 2020

National Security Action Memorandum No. 57

Trump Invokes Foreign Interference Provision Of His 2018 Executive Order?

Illegitimate President?

Fourth Turning Election Year Crisis

Are We Now In A Fourth Turning Crisis?

And finally, for those interested in Sydney Powell’s claims and lawsuits, check out these links:

Sydney Powell’s Two Lawsuits. Who Was The Quarterback?

Sydney Powell Lawsuits (PDF)

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