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Podcast 2: Is Everything A RICH MAN’S TRICK?

JFK to 9/11: Everything Is a Rich Man’s Trick (2014 Video) Writing Credits Francis Richard Conolly … (as Francis R Conolly) Cast Francis Richard Conolly … Himself – Presenter WHAT’S IT ABOUT? From JFK to 9/11.  Everything is a Rich Man’s Trick.  Everything, you say?  It can’t possibly be EVERYTHING, right?  Yeah, we know what youContinue reading “Podcast 2: Is Everything A RICH MAN’S TRICK?”

Podcast 1: Nazis, Man-Made UFO’s, and MIRAGE MEN

Mirage Men (2013) Directed by John Lundberg Roland Denning … (co-director) Kypros Kyprianou … (co-director) Writing Credits Mark Pilkington WHAT’S IT ABOUT? What if someone told you that most – maybe all – of the biggest UFO stories of the last few decades were carefully crafted lies? And what if that same someone told you that those lies wereContinue reading “Podcast 1: Nazis, Man-Made UFO’s, and MIRAGE MEN”