Podcast 98: Cryptids, Kooks, & Conspiracies: DISCOVERING BIGFOOT

Like some cryptozoological version of Grizzly Man, which chronicles Timothy Treadwell’s exploits with grizzly bears in Alaska, Standing ventures out into the Canadian wilderness, often alone, in search of Sasquatch.

Podcast 90: Beautiful Androids, Another Vegas Update, Bigfoot Returns, Melania Clone, Embrace Contradiction

Bigfoot shows up for the 50th Anniversary!

Podcast 85: Killer Sexbots, Conspiracy Grannies, Devil’s Letter Decoded, Haunted Trump, Airship Mystery, Bigfoot Update

What’s with all the Trump predictive programming from the late 19th century? Believe us when we say, shit’s gettin’ really weird. We’re eventually going to do a whole podcast on this topic, so stay tuned.

Podcast 75: Child Slaves on Mars, Kubrick and the Illuminati, Exclusive Bigfoot Report, False Flag Alien Invasion, Amelia Earhart in Japan

Did Stanley Kubrick expose The Illuminati?

Podcast 74: Is the Universe Conscious?, Rob Lowe Bigfoot Encounter, Mysterious Space Machines, Alien Life Announcement, Ancient Man Could Not See Blue

In this week’s podcast, we talk about the John Lenard Walson photographs and videos of mysterious machines in space.  Hoax? A trick of the light? Secret space program? Alien invasion?  You decide.

Podcast 62: Real Pokemon Attack, Bigfoot Chases Deer, Adam’s Secret Service Adventure, Populism is the New Punk

In this episode, Adam relays a couple of harrowing tales that prompted him to contact authorities… not once, but twice!  Was he just the victim of a couple of pranks, a strange coincidence, or were they part of a deliberate campaign from mysterious sources trying to send a message?  You decide. We also talk aboutContinue reading “Podcast 62: Real Pokemon Attack, Bigfoot Chases Deer, Adam’s Secret Service Adventure, Populism is the New Punk”

Podcast 11: I see DEAD BIGFOOT

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? In October of 2010, Justin Smeja and a friend were out hunting in the Sierras near Gold Lake, California, when suddenly they saw a seven foot tall creature they could not identify.  So they did what any highly intelligent hunter with a semblance of restraint or common sense would do in this situationContinue reading “Podcast 11: I see DEAD BIGFOOT”

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