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Podcast 94: Time Travelers, QAnon Update, Hugh Hefner CIA?, Can Trump Just Start a Nuclear War?, Robot Gods, Mandela Effect

Was Hugh Hefner CIA? Could Marilyn Monroe have been involved somehow? What is a “honeypot”? Why did Hefner insist on being buried next to her? Were both he and Marilyn secretly part of an intelligence-gathering/blackmail operation? Go Ask Alice, and don’t forget to #FollowtheWhiteRabbit…

Podcast 92: Dracula’s Cardboard, JFK Declassified, Hitler Survives WWII, #MeToo Mania, A Ghost Story Pie Scene, Claustrophobic Nightmares

Did Hitler survive WWII? If not, then who the hell is that in the photograph? Is it a fake? Someone else? This is all getting very weird.

Podcast 87: JFK, 9/11, New World Order, Shadow Government, Deep State, Whistleblowers: THE CONSPIRACY “THEORY” CONSPIRACY

The term, “conspiracy theory”, was first used in a 1909 article published by The American Historical Review, but it really wasn’t until the 1960’s that it became part of the American lexicon.

Podcast 65: Love & Robots, Serial Killer Photobombs THE EXORCIST, Lizard People of LA, Crowley Speaks

Can a human truly love a robot? Can a robot love a human? Join Adam and John as they take a nosedive, albeit superficially, into the controversial topic of all things trans (humanism, gender, and otherwise). Oh, and DON’T PANIC! WWIII is still on, just in case you were worried. đŸ˜‰

Podcast 64: World War III Begins in Syria?, Strange but True Airplane Stories, UFO Researcher Disappears, Guccifer 2.0 & the Model

Are we witnessing the beginning of WWIII? Let’s sure as hell hope not. But, let’s be honest, things aren’t looking so great right now. I mean, is it a coincidence that the missile strike occurred exactly 100 years – to the day – after the US entered World War I?

Podcast 19: The COLLAPSE of Civilization and the Rise & Fall of Mike Ruppert

Collapse is a 2009 documentary by filmmaker Chris Smith that chronicles the theories and work of prolific doomsayer Michael C. Ruppert, former L.A. police officer turned investigative journalist and cigarette-smoking man conspiracy theorist.