Podcast 97: UFOs Declassified, Fake Alien Invasions, NSA Created Bitcoin?, Angry Star Wars Fans, Fibonacci Stock Predictions

Are the the recently declassified UFO disclosures setting the stage for the Fake Alien Invasion psyop?¬†As bizarre as that may seem, it may not be too far from the truth. We’re always a little suspicious when the MSM starts promoting the idea that we’re being visited by aliens. What’s the real agenda here?

Podcast 4 – Surely, You Can’t Be SIRIUS, Mr. Greer?

Sirius (2013) Directed by Amardeep Kaleka … (as Amardeep Singh Kaleka) Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) Steven M. Greer … (based on the book by) (as Dr. Steven M. Greer) Amardeep Kaleka … (story) Laurie Knapp … (story) WHAT’S IT ABOUT? In the good ol’ days of UFOlogy, astronomer and UFO researcher J. Allen HynekContinue reading “Podcast 4 – Surely, You Can’t Be SIRIUS, Mr. Greer?”

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