Podcast 86: Mothman Returns, Psychic Vampire Repellant, Bigfoot Again, Unabomber Was Right?, Kid Invents Time Travel Device, Mail Order Monkeys

The Mothman Returns! This time to the Windy City. Don’t worry, Chicago – we’re sure it doesn’t mean a thing…

Podcast 75: Child Slaves on Mars, Kubrick and the Illuminati, Exclusive Bigfoot Report, False Flag Alien Invasion, Amelia Earhart in Japan

Did Stanley Kubrick expose The Illuminati?

Podcast 72: Roswell Update, Mars Mystery Hole, Hollow Earth Travelogue, Apportation, Snake Plissken Sees the Phoenix Lights!

Remember the Phoenix Lights? Well, Ego the Living Planet (aka Snake Plissken, aka Kurt Russell) sure does!

Podcast 6: ALTERNATIVE 3 – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mars

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? Planet earth is doomed. ¬†Climate change is real. ¬†And the only viable solution to saving mankind is to abandon our planet and start anew somewhere else… hey, we hear Mars has plenty of real estate! Sound far-fetched? Well, not in 2016 maybe, but in 1977 this wasn’t the kind of thing beingContinue reading “Podcast 6: ALTERNATIVE 3 – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mars”

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