Podcast 71: AI Resurrection, Robot Absolution, Secret Space Program Psyops, Conspiracy Theory Ethics

What if you could resurrect a loved one through artificial intelligence? Would you? Should you? Will AI ever reach the point where it is truly indistinguishable from the real thing? Does it feel? Does it have a spirit? And what does that say about who we are if in fact it does? Lots of heady ontological questions to ponder as we move into this new, and admittedly, frightening future.

Podcast 1: Nazis, Man-Made UFO’s, and MIRAGE MEN

Mirage Men (2013) Directed by John Lundberg Roland Denning … (co-director) Kypros Kyprianou … (co-director) Writing Credits Mark Pilkington WHAT’S IT ABOUT? What if someone told you that most – maybe all – of the biggest UFO stories of the last few decades were carefully crafted lies? And what if that same someone told you that those lies wereContinue reading “Podcast 1: Nazis, Man-Made UFO’s, and MIRAGE MEN”

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