Podcast 71: AI Resurrection, Robot Absolution, Secret Space Program Psyops, Conspiracy Theory Ethics

What if you could resurrect a loved one through artificial intelligence? Would you? Should you? Will AI ever reach the point where it is truly indistinguishable from the real thing? Does it feel? Does it have a spirit? And what does that say about who we are if in fact it does? Lots of heady ontological questions to ponder as we move into this new, and admittedly, frightening future.

Podcast 10: FAREWELL GOOD BROTHERS, and Thanks for All the Fish!

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? During the height of the flying saucer craze of the 1950’s, a strange subculture arose of people claiming to be in contact with benevolent space brothers from another planet. ┬áMostly Venus. ┬áThis became known as the Contactee Movement. The most well-known of these contactees was a man named George Adamski, however, thereContinue reading “Podcast 10: FAREWELL GOOD BROTHERS, and Thanks for All the Fish!”

Podcast 4 – Surely, You Can’t Be SIRIUS, Mr. Greer?

Sirius (2013) Directed by Amardeep Kaleka … (as Amardeep Singh Kaleka) Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) Steven M. Greer … (based on the book by) (as Dr. Steven M. Greer) Amardeep Kaleka … (story) Laurie Knapp … (story) WHAT’S IT ABOUT? In the good ol’ days of UFOlogy, astronomer and UFO researcher J. Allen HynekContinue reading “Podcast 4 – Surely, You Can’t Be SIRIUS, Mr. Greer?”

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