Podcast 114: Paranormal Pennsylvania, Kecksburg UFO Crash, Nazi Flying Saucer Toys

Was the Kecksburg UFO a failed test of Die Glocke, otherwise known as The Nazi Bell? As fantastic and implausible as this sounds, much evidence points to the fact that this very well may be the case.

Podcast 97: UFOs Declassified, Fake Alien Invasions, NSA Created Bitcoin?, Angry Star Wars Fans, Fibonacci Stock Predictions

Are the the recently declassified UFO disclosures setting the stage for the Fake Alien Invasion psyop? As bizarre as that may seem, it may not be too far from the truth. We’re always a little suspicious when the MSM starts promoting the idea that we’re being visited by aliens. What’s the real agenda here?

Podcast 66: “Boy Genius” Invents Free Energy Device & Proves Multiverse, May 15 is THE END, UFO Sightings On the Rise, Hi-Tech Juicer Fail

The world ends May 15, 2017. No, really. This is it. For reals. Seriously. Don’t believe us? We’ll see who’s laughing in 19 days (and counting)…

13-year-old boy invents free energy device, proves the existence of a multiverse, discovers our “real” universe was destroyed by Large Hadron Collider at Cern. Either that or he’s a bright, eager young science nerd unfairly lionized by a scientifically illiterate media.

And speaking of scientific literacy: Heard the one about the $400 juicer? Silicon Valley startup spends millions on a hi-tech juice machine only to discover that human hands can do the job at least as well. More venture capital well spent.

UFO sightings are on the increase! Why? Are we earthlings suddenly more interesting than we were this time last year? Nah, that can’t be it…

Podcast 54: CONTACT? The Strange Case of Eduard “Billy” Meier

Do they really fly? That’s the question UFO researchers have been trying to definitively answer for years with regards to the Billy Meier contactee case. And, though several photos associated with the case have been later proven to be fraudulent, the final answer as to whether or not this indicates the WHOLE CASE is a hoax, has yet to be fully answered.

Podcast 10: FAREWELL GOOD BROTHERS, and Thanks for All the Fish!

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? During the height of the flying saucer craze of the 1950’s, a strange subculture arose of people claiming to be in contact with benevolent space brothers from another planet.  Mostly Venus.  This became known as the Contactee Movement. The most well-known of these contactees was a man named George Adamski, however, thereContinue reading “Podcast 10: FAREWELL GOOD BROTHERS, and Thanks for All the Fish!”

Podcast 6: ALTERNATIVE 3 – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mars

WHAT’S IT ABOUT? Planet earth is doomed.  Climate change is real.  And the only viable solution to saving mankind is to abandon our planet and start anew somewhere else… hey, we hear Mars has plenty of real estate! Sound far-fetched? Well, not in 2016 maybe, but in 1977 this wasn’t the kind of thing beingContinue reading “Podcast 6: ALTERNATIVE 3 – A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Mars”

Podcast 4 – Surely, You Can’t Be SIRIUS, Mr. Greer?

Sirius (2013) Directed by Amardeep Kaleka … (as Amardeep Singh Kaleka) Writing Credits (in alphabetical order) Steven M. Greer … (based on the book by) (as Dr. Steven M. Greer) Amardeep Kaleka … (story) Laurie Knapp … (story) WHAT’S IT ABOUT? In the good ol’ days of UFOlogy, astronomer and UFO researcher J. Allen HynekContinue reading “Podcast 4 – Surely, You Can’t Be SIRIUS, Mr. Greer?”

Podcast 1: Nazis, Man-Made UFO’s, and MIRAGE MEN

Mirage Men (2013) Directed by John Lundberg Roland Denning … (co-director) Kypros Kyprianou … (co-director) Writing Credits Mark Pilkington WHAT’S IT ABOUT? What if someone told you that most – maybe all – of the biggest UFO stories of the last few decades were carefully crafted lies? And what if that same someone told you that those lies wereContinue reading “Podcast 1: Nazis, Man-Made UFO’s, and MIRAGE MEN”

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