Podcast 121: Yellowstone Apocalypse, John is Pissed Off, Sci-Fi Government Policy, How to Be Unfuckwithable, JFK Jr. Faked His Own Death?

In this week’s podcast, we again address the confusion many seem to have over our political stance. This is not surprising really, as the current state of our country’s dialogue fosters a great deal of uncertainty and ignorance in the body politic. The divide & conquer strategy of pitting right vs. left in a Herculean Hegelian battle is working.

So, to try and alleviate some of this bewilderment, here’s a short vid that explains where we’re coming from:

In short, we’re Classical Liberals. It doesn’t completely explain everything (nothing does), but it’s close enough.

It’s also interesting to note that, as the political divide widens, there’s a simultaneous return (a movement if you will) back to enlightenment philosophy and common sense. This too is not all that surprising, as most people find the extremism on both sides odious and untenable. Hence, the rise in what Eric Weinstein jokingly refers to as the, “Intellectual Dark Web”. Obviously, this term doesn’t really define the movement, but the fact that a term needs to be coined at all does signify that some type of “movement” is brewing.

So, what is this movement?

Well, without getting into a long and boring essay about the disastrous effects postmodernism and Neo-Marxist ideology has had on our academic & political discourse for the past half century, I’ll let this short video clip summarize what’s essentially happened to us culturally:

Now, it’s interesting that most of the critics of postmodernism (Noam Chomsky excluded) are currently in their 40s and 50s (Jordan Peterson, Gad Saad, Joe Rogan, Dave Rubin, Sam Harris, etc.), and I think this is due mostly to the time period in which we grew up. We’ve seen the so-called progressive left, a label most of us would have been given just a decade ago, morph into a regressive ideology of identity politics, collectivist thinking (mob mentality), and outrage for daring to… god forbid… think freely. And all of them (ourselves included) get accused of being a, “right-winger or “Trump Supporter”, on a regular basis.

This, of course, is untrue, but that’s where we are these days. Classical liberals, as they’re called, are now labeled right-wing somehow. And so, because it’s mostly conservatives who are the voices of reason  (as they’ve always rejected postmodernist ideas), we’ve found ourselves increasingly agreeing with them. This is not to say that we always agree, in fact we often don’t, but it is true that we very often disagree with so-called regressive left ideologies and, especially, Bluewave Democrats.

Here’s more from Dave Rubin on Classical Liberalism:

The fact that someone who’s pro gay rights, civil rights, women’s rights, pro choice, anti-death penalty, strong on environmental protections, etc. is somehow considered “right-wing” or a “Trump supporter” (because they refuse to kowtow to political correctness, support Democrats, or believe Trump is literally Hitler) just shows how far we’ve fallen into extremes politically, especially since his election

Okay, enough politics for now.


John still wants to rant. So what else is new? But really, he’s pissed – at everyone. And especially after the Kavanaugh hearings. But don’t presume he’s a supporter (see above). In fact, he agrees with this vid:

So, yeah, Kavanaugh’s an establishment douche who’s also lying about his “choirboy” past. But that doesn’t mean Christine Blasey-Ford gets off the hook either. Look, it’s obvious that she believes Kavanaugh attempted to sexually assault her. But did he?

Honestly, there’s no way to know, as none of the people she named as witnesses remember the event… even, and most importantly, her best friend at the time. But hey, let’s not let any of that get in the way of some payback for Merrick Garland.

Cynical? Hell yeah!

And let’s not forget: all of them were minors, drinking, and it was the 80s. Think I’m being insensitive or cruel? Then go watch some teen movies from that time period, snowflake!

The bottom line is, the Democrats didn’t care (and don’t care) about Blasey-Ford or any alleged victims. They only care about winning. Yes, same goes for Republicans. But this time, it’s the Dems doing the divisive dirty work, exploiting a vulnerable woman for cheap political gain.

Believe all survivors? What a crock of shit!

And since all’s fair in love and war and satire, here’s Princess Leia doing Blasey-Ford:

So, fuck Kavanaugh. Fuck Blasey-Ford. Fuck the Democrats. Fuck the Republicans. Fuck ’em all.

And speaking of fuck, John shares an inspiring piece on The Art of Being Unfuckwithable. Yes, this article made an impression on him. 😉

Okay, now we’re done with politics.

Remember Krypton? Now that we’re grown-ups we can kinda see how the powers-that-be on Superman’s homeworld might turn a blind eye to an impending apocalypse. Case in point: The Yellowstone National Park SUPER-VOLCANO. Which is due to erupt, and which could very well mean the end of humanity.

So, forget about all the petty shit. Carpe diem, motherfucker!

It’s the 35th anniversary of the film WARGAMES. Did you know Ronald Reagan was a huge science fiction fan? That WARGAMES scared the bejeezus out of him? That his sci-fi fandom was the basis for numerous historic government policies? All true.

The first brain-to-brain “social network” has been created! Sort of!

And finally, did JFK Jr. fake his own death? Only to emerge as a secret Trump supporter posting as QAnon?

Come on, people. Stop giving WaPo snark bait.

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