Podcast 100: Russiagate Solved!, 2018 Forecast, Past Predictions of the Future

On this, our special 100th podcast, John solves Russiagate completely! 😉

Well, maybe not “completely”, but close enough. Did Trump collude with Russia to steal the election, as the establishment has been trying to drum into everyone’s heads for the past year or so? Will Mueller’s Special Counsel investigation succeed in bringing down his nascent presidency?

Well, we submit for your consideration:

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury (or should I say, ladies and gentlemen and those who identify as neither/nor… of the jury), during the course of this trial, I’m going to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that this whole “Russiagate” scandal, was and is, nothing more than a conspiracy concocted by a small group of very powerful players. They are: certain members of the defeated Clinton campaign, high-level players from the outgoing Obama administration, multiple elements within the deep state, with support and material provided by various media entities, to sabotage and eventually topple the, admittedly, inexperienced Trump administration.

I am going to prove that this conspiracy was done with premeditation and with malicious intent, and all because certain individuals, drunk with power and a virulent sense of entitlement, didn’t get their way and refuse to take any responsibility for their own actions.

I’m also going to demonstrate for the jury how this behavior is endemic in our society, and that we, not the Russians, are ultimately our own worst enemy. And finally, I’m going to present to you what, I believe, will happen if these conspirators get away with it. It is not an optimistic prognostication, it is not a pretty picture, but I hope that it will at least serve as warning so that you can be better prepared in case it does.

Here’s what I think is going on. Here’s the gestalt:

The DNC and the establishment did everything they could, by hook and by crook, to put Hillary into the oval office, including sabotage Bernie, as well as making sure that whoever her Republican opponent was, it would be someone she could easily defeat – a clown or straw man, as evidenced in the Wikileaks disclosures about elevating ‘Pied Pipers’, one of whom was Trump.

When that “brilliant strategy” blew up in their faces, they panicked and scrambled for an explanation as to why they, “let everyone down”. After all, they were defeated even though they had pretty much the entire political establishment (both democrat and republican) on their side, all of the mainstream entertainment/media industry in their pocket, most of wall street and, we are now learning, the tech giants and social media as well.

I mean, when you look at it, it was like a well-armed and financed military against a ragtag group of inexperienced militia men. And they still lost! It’s really embarrassing when you objectively look at it. So, they concocted this grand Russian interference excuse and conspired to sabotage Trump in any and every which way possible… including getting help from the outgoing Obama administration, to plant political landmines, which they knew Trump and his closest associates would step on…

Wanna find out the rest? Then listen to the podcast!

Plus, predictions from the past about the future and… our very own predictions for 2018! Betcha’ can’t wait to find out what they are…

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