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Podcast 115: Mystery of Hanging Rock, Predictions Mid-Term Report Card, Thunderbird Quest, We’ve All Lost Our Minds

In this week’s podcast, we talk about some of the mysteries surrounding the book and film, Picnic at Hanging Rock . The book, written in 1967 by Joan Lindsay, and the movie, made in 1975 by Peter Weir, chronicles the strange disappearance of three Australian schoolgirls and one of their teachers while out on picnic on Valentine’s Day in the year 1900. Both the book and subsequent film are a haunting blend of fiction and reality. But what’s real and what’s not? Was it murder? A bizarre accident? Or were they victims of a timeslip?

Well, this is fiction, after all… isn’t it?

Next, John goes on an Internet quest to hunt for the elusive and underappreciated cryptid dubbed, the Thunderbird.

Tombstone Thunderbird by Artist and Fortean Illustrator Chris Smith

So, how did the hunt go? Well, let’s just say the pterodactyl-like creature remains elusive. But cool picture, bro!

Next, we revisit our predictions from the beginning of the year. How are we doing so far? Well, we give ourselves a solid C. But hey, it’s only the mid-terms, so we still have time to improve our grades.

And finally, John brings us another EPIC “What’s the Word on the Street, Johnny?”, where he dissects the most recent Mueller indictment of 12 GRU Agents, revisiting the whole Russiagate story, the claims surrounding Guccifer 2.0, and the general disconnect our elites still seem to have with the vast majority of Americans.

Which leads us to the inescapable conclusion that we’ve all… well, not ALL… but most of us have lost our frickin’ minds.

But hey, it’s the Russians’ fault, right? 😉

And now for the rest of your links:

Time Loop at Hanging Rock

Tombstone’s Flying Monster

Mystery of the Civil War Pterodactyl

More on Thunderbirds

Links for What’s the Word on the Street, Johnny?

Mueller’s Latest Indictment Contradicts Evidence in the Public Domain

The Day that Guccifer 2.0 Quit Hacking the DNC

Questions Concerning the Collusion Investigation

Indictment of 12 Russians: Under the Shiny Wrapping, a Political Act

Something Rotten About the DOJ Indictment of the GRU

Julian Assange, Crowdstrike, and the Russian Hack that Wasn’t

Investigative Timeline of the Alleged Russian DNC Hack

Did Crowdstrike Engage in a Clandestine Leak Investigation?

What is Crowdstrike and Who are They Tied To?

Credibility of Cyber Firm Claiming Russia Hacked the DNC Comes Under Serious Question

Guccifer 2.0 WordPress Site (Still Online)

Trump Decided Russian Indictments Should Come Pre-Summit, Sources Say (wink, wink)

Collusion Mass Hysteria

Paranoia May Destroy Ya’

Bill Browder Links and Resources

Blatant Disinfo Links:

Trump’s Stupid ‘Where is the DNC Server?’ Conspiracy Theory Explained (It’s not, but let’s insult people anyway)

Trump’s ‘Missing DNC Server’ is Neither Missing Nor a Server

There’s lots more, just follow most of the Mainstream Media.


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